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Goals with Soul: How to Achieve Ultimate Health and Wellness

Posted by ATC Clothing on

  One of your biggest priorities is to be healthy and well. After all, when you’re not, you can’t achieve as much as you can when you feel great. However, health and wellness goals are among the most forgotten because people feel like they get more done when they skip the gym or sleep less. This is never really the case because both actions can hurt you. Think About Your Desire Feeling the Moment You Achieve Your Goal Rather than come up with a list of things you feel that you have to do in order to maintain your health,...

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Posted by Alexandria Cox on

Attempting to learn how to slow down and enjoy life. As a part of my new lifestyle, I am trying to learn how to meditate. And truly meditate. Not listening to the ocean breeze as I fall asleep or humming "OM" while trying to ignore my neighbors shouting over the turkey. True single-tasking, focusing on my breathing, sitting comfortably while aware, meditation. What have I learned so far? I can't. In a world of tweeting, Netflicks, Facebook updates, and Insta-wow photos, I can't just take a breath and sit in reflection for ten minutes. I'm curious can any of you?...

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