How to Extend Your Summer Look into Early Fall

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You love the clothes and accessories you’ve bought from ATC Clothing in the past. Now it’s time to give them a new lease of life by wearing them into fall. A couple cute pairs of tights and leggings does the trick. Don’t forget to invest in cardigans, shrugs, and jackets, too.

Here are some ways to increase the usage of your summer wardrobe even as the seasons change:

  • Add length. Pair pants with a sleeveless top when it’s hot outside and with a long-sleeved blouse when it’s cooler out. You can layer a sweater over the sleeveless top to get yet another outfit out of it. The same can be said with pants. Choose shorts or capri pants during summer and long pants or jeans during cooler months when you need more coverage. You’re giving yourself multiple options when you mix and match the clothing in your wardrobe.
  • Throw on a scarf. You can wrap scarves different ways to cover a bare back and shoulders. Drape it like a shawl. Tie it to form a shrug. Wear it around your neck like a big infinity scarf. You’ve got options. Longer scarves can even be fashioned into a top or vest if you’re brave enough to wear them that way.
  • Tights and boots. This is the perfect combination for your favorite dresses, skirts, and shorts. You’ll look great in these fall favorites even when they’re paired with your tried-and-true summer attire. Go with some sheer or patterned tights for a look that dazzles into fall.

You’ll get a lot of use out of your summer wardrobe when you pair them with colder weather items. You may not get away with wearing sheer dresses and bralettes into winter but you can wear them into early fall with a little creativity. That means that you don’t have to put away your favorite summer items before you’re ready.

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