Five Ways to Dress Up a T-Shirt

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T-shirts are among the most comfortable items in your wardrobe. Soft and stretchy, they fit like a glove. They have different sleeve lengths and styles of collars, too, which give you room to play with different looks.

Here are five ways to dress up a t-shirt:

  1. Make a statement. Add a chunky necklace to your t-shirt and transform it from casual to chic in a matter of seconds. Choose jewelry with a bold focal piece or one that mimics a collar. Known as bib necklaces, they can be switched out to create many different looks using a single t-shirt as the ‘canvas’.
  2. Invest in a vest. Short, long, fringed or leather, it doesn’t matter what style you choose. A vest is a great way to express yourself. It gives your plain t-shirt some serious funkiness.
  3. Fit to be tied. A scarf is among the most versatile accessories a woman can have. It can be tied in your hair, draped around your neck, made to create a continuous infinity loop, fashioned as a belt, and even braided into a necklace. Long scarves work best because the length allows you to do more with them.
  4. Textured to the max. Call yourself a Material Girl. A textured skirt in any length creates contrast. Pair it with your favorite printed tee for a look that dazzles.
  5. Let it be an evening to remember. Make your t-shirt shine with a snazzy jacket. Something semi-formal will do the trick. You’ll be turning heads wherever you go which is awesome. It’s a look you can recreate easily and go from day wear to evening wear in no time.

Dressing up a t-shirt is easier than you even imagined. Now that you have five different ways to do it, you’ll create new looks with every dressy tee that you wear. Make your wardrobe more versatile by adding accessories and experimenting with new looks. The only thing that limits you is your imagination.

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