3 reasons why you should be on PoshMark

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Recently we have expanded our selling platforms to include PoshMark. Check out our closet.

We joined PoshMark on July 20th, since then we have gained close to 20 thousand followers and have a lot of success selling clothes. But we will discuss that later in a future blog.

Here’s why we wholeheartedly believe you should be on PoshMark.

-Great Deals – One of our associates has scored a new with tags (NWT) Michael Kors purse for $60. The original retail value was over $400. That type of discount isn’t necessarily the norm, but some sellers are just ready to be rid of their items and will be willing to make awesome deals.

-Clean out your closet – Clean out your closet and make some extra money. I use to be one for donate and forget it. But now that I know there is a market for the clothes I purchased and never wore or wore for that one wedding/event years ago, I can’t go back to a life without PoshMark. Some items in my personal closet are priced to sell because like I said otherwise I would simply donate it, but other items are making dents in my future vacation savings. Can you say Viva La France?

-Meet a bunch of Amazing people – One of my favorite aspects about PoshMark is the amazing community. Everyone is extremely helpful and kind. I have joined three Facebook groups, and these girls are amazing. They will help you make sales, by critiquing your closet, sharing your items, and recommending different cover shot angles.

All in all, PoshMark is exactly what I needed to empty my closet and fill my bank account. Stay tuned for our race to 100,000 followers, our quick start guide, and how we got our current stats.

Convinced to give it a try? Earn $5 by using this code at sign up TQKCR.


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